Saturday, June 19, 2010

On My Own, Here We Go

I made the top 4 of a PTQ today, for the second time in my life. I am definitely not the magician I once was, and I've never been as awesome as Nate and Kurty are these days, but it was still fun to do well again.

Me: Who are you texting?
Nate: Sam. She wanted to know how I was doing.
Me: You never answer my texts to find out how you're doing!
Nate: That's cause I'm not marrying you.
Me: And this is how you tell me?

Kurty also made top 8. Kurty is a monster.

Props to the Stars and Stripes for rallying to a draw against a twelve-man Slovenian squad. I guess the ref wore a different color to preserve the illusion of parity.

Maurice Edu: Goal!
Koman Coulibaly: Nuh-uh! You missed, you missed!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I Can't Remember Who I Was Back Then

High Fidelity is on Hulu. I watched it with a girlfriend at some point but I can't remember which. This is kind of ironic given the nature and subject matter of the movie.

It was either Laura or Emily (I'm leaning towards Emily). Both of them would probably be annoyed that I mixed them up, but as far as I know neither of them knows about this blog.

Tim Howard is awesome! I bought a soccer ball, but I'm not as awesome, and if I don't stop playing with it inside I think my possessions may suffer. But it's not my fault it's dark out.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Grey Unyielding Concrete Makes a City of my Town

Oberlin has high-rises now. Well, not too high, but higher than anything else. They say they are sustainable, so I suppose they are still Oberlin-ish and I dig that. But it makes me sad. And also a little glad, because I'm looking forward to being 60ish in that town and sitting around sipping whiskey and yelling at students about how different things were when I was a kid. They won't care, but some of them will be awkwardly polite, so they'll have to listen anyway.

The newest thing that my hair is doing is that it is all growing back, but it is white now. Not blond, white. So that's interesting. I was shaving it regularly, but I think I am gonna let it grow now that it is summer. I figure by the time I start teaching again, I will look like this: